In this case, have a habeas corpus issued at the applicant`s prayer, which can be returned immediately. “reusable bottles and cans”; “These goods may be returned if you keep the receipt” legally obliged to be returned, delivered, delivered or delivered; as a document or settlement that can be returned on a given day; Return a judgment to the court No property purchased should be returned to the seller due to a defect that developed after the sale. A writ of habeas corpus was immediately prosecuted and sought before Judge Grier. The term return date refers to the date indicated in a statement of claim or other form of legal proceedings such as the date on which the response to that document must be given. This is very important because imperfect books that have been “drawn” cannot be returned to the bookseller. Leaving the garnishment and the question of monition as prayed for returned on Monday, May 9, 1898. Return dates vary from case to case depending on the subject of the case. The setting of the time limit with regard to the date of return may be required by law in most cases. A court may hear arguments on motions, counter-motions and reasons orders after the parties have received sufficient notice. The return date is the date on which the prosecution actually begins in the courtroom or on which the prosecution is to begin. The date of return, in the case of divorce, is the date on which the waiting period established for the divorce begins. This is also the date on which the defendant must file an appearance.